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Daily Schedule

Throughout the summer we have a variety of high profile sporting events running, these will be used to theme each of the weeks. No two days of camp will be the same due to the variety of activities and range of coaches and experts delivering our sessions. We will be offering master class and taster sessions across the summer period. These will be announced the week before on our social media pages.

Breakfast club (8am – 9am)

Children that arrive during this time will be offered breakfast options of cereals and/or toast. We will have structured activity tables set out that will provide the children with opportunities to explore play.

Morning Movements (9am – 9:45am)

Children will be taken outside and given the opportunity to take part in some fun games. These sessions vary  depending on the numbers and children attending. Most of the time these sessions are unstructured and allow the children the opportunity for supervised free play.

Morning Sports (10am – 12:30am)

Once everyone has been registered and assigned a group, each coach will then take their group outside and start the first of three 45 minute morning sessions. Children will take part in three different sporting activities before lunchtime. A break will be taken at 11:30am. Throughout the morning children will always be given the opportunity to rehydrate and visit the toilet.

Lunch (12:30pm – 1:15pm)

Children will be taken inside and encouraged to find a seat to have their lunch. Lunchtimes are fully supervised with each member of staff assigned to a group. If your child requires any additional help during lunchtimes please inform the camp manager at drop off.

Afternoon Sports (1.15pm – 3:45pm)

After lunch the children will go outside again and take part in three 45 minute sessions. For those children who have been in all day the afternoons can be long as energy levels dip. Our staff members take this into consideration and ensure that children are provided with activities to suit the participant’s needs. A break will be taken at 2:45pm. Throughout the afternoon children will always be given the opportunity to rehydrate and visit the toilet.

Athletes of the Day (3:45pm – 4pm)

At this point in the day all children will come together on the pitch and each coach will pick an athlete of the day. Coaches will award the athlete of the day to children who have displayed the key skills they have been working on during their sessions. This will also provide the opportunity for a relaxation/cool down activity and to ensure all children have their personal belongings ready for collection at 4pm.

Chill Out Club (4pm – 6pm)

Children will spend the final part of the day relaxing and winding down before pick up. Children will be provided with opportunities for structured activities indoors and outdoors depending on the dynamics of the children using the facility.

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